Dog breeds: American Foxhound

Dog breeds: American Foxhound

Origin, classification and history

Origin: USA.
F.C.I classification: Group 6 - hounds and dogs by blood trail.

The American Foxhound descends from the English Foxhound, of which it has inherited many aesthetic and behavioral aspects. In creating this breed, an attempt was made to obtain a Hound suitable for the vast lands of North America and suitable for game dangerous for its aggression. It is said that in 1650, a young English Lord, Robert Brooke, landed on the American continent, following which there were various Foxhounds and Hounds. These imported dogs were crossed with each other, and that was how they would form the progenitors of the current American Foxhound. It cannot be excluded that following the creation of this new type of dog, Greyhounds, not better identified, were used to increase the speed of this new breed. Only around 1850 breeders began to take care of the morphology of these animals, as well as the character. The first specimen was entered in the Kennel Club register in 1886. the breed is currently not very widespread even in the United States.

General aspect

Larger than the English Foxhound. Medium-sized dog, pain mesocephalic. Morphologically classified as a Braccoid type. It has a fairly long head and a rather wide skull. His ears are inserted moderately low. His eyes are large. The chest must never be excessively wide, but must be deep. The breed has a closed and hard coat, of various colors. Typical medium-sized Hound appearance. It has a toned musculature. Intelligent expression.


It is a very bright and lively breed. He is always joyful and full of energy. It is quite fast in running and moving. He loves to draw the attention of his owner and he likes to be the center of attention. He is a very festive and grateful dog. He is quite obedient and easily trainable for work. His temperament is sufficiently balanced. Very intelligent and equally sensitive breed. Very suitable for constantly living in the open air.

American Foxhound (photo

American Foxhound (photo


- males between 56 and 64 cm
- females between 53.5 and 61 cm.
Weight: varies from 30 to 34 kg.

Trunk: the chest must be wide to offer sufficient space for the lungs, narrower in relation to the depth than in the "English Foxhound". A chest circumference of 71.5 cm is considered satisfactory for a 59 cm high dog. The ribs are clearly visible, the false ribs well stretched towards the rear. The right elasticity is given by the hips, whose width is about 8 cm. Back of moderate length, muscular and strong. Wide and slightly arched kidney.
Head and muzzle: quite long, slightly rounded occiput, broad and developed skull. Muzzle of good length, straight and square, moderate stop.
Truffle: of the right size.
Teeth: complete in development and number.
Neck: free, well attached to the shoulders, strong, without looking squat, of medium length, without folds. A slight fold of labial commissure is however tolerated.
Ears: attached slightly down, long, if stretched they must almost reach the end of the truffle; they are of fine structure, quite wide; they can be barely raised and fall towards the head; the front slightly curved inwards; rounded ends.
Eyes: large, well-spaced, with the sweet, lovable and appealing expression of the hunting dog; brown or hazelnut colored.
Limbs: anterior straight, with good robust skeleton; short and straight metacarpal. Cat foot. Hard and firm plants. Well arched fingers. Strong nails. Strong and muscular hips and thighs, capable of giving good propulsion force. The knee joint is firm and well descended. Solid, symmetrical and moderately elbow hocks. Clenched and compact feet.
Shoulder: oblique, muscular, dry, neither heavy nor protruding. Great freedom of movement.
Pace: loose.
Musculature: dry and very well developed.
Tail: moderately attached high; carried gaily, slightly curved, but not forward above the back. Very light tuft of hair.
Skin: elastic.
Hair: thick and rough from hunting dog; of medium length.
Allowed colors: all colors are allowed.
Most common defects: prognathism, enognatism, cow hocks, short or insufficiently thick hair, non-standard measures, very long back, saddle or arched back, stocky or short neck, very flattened skull, small eyes that resemble those of the Terrier, loose skin, long tail , open feet, lack of musculature, crooked limbs, long feet, incorrect movement, defective rear, monorchidism, cryptorchidism, shy or fearful character, straight shoulder.

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