Breeds of dogs: Anglo-Spanish Galgo

Breeds of dogs: Anglo-Spanish Galgo

Origin, classification and history

Origin: England - Spain.
F.C.I classification: RACE NOT RECOGNIZED

The creation of this very particular type of dog dates back to the beginning of the century, when, to give a greater speed to the gallop of the "Galgo", specimens of this breed were crossed with the "Greyhound". The products of this coupling were, in some respects, surprising. Dogs were born quite similar phenotypically speaking, to the "Galgo", but with the initial shot typical of the "English Greyhound". From 1912 to 1920 it was possible to give stable subjects, genetically speaking, who managed to perfectly convey their characters. These subjects were regularly registered in the registers of the central Real Sociedad. In 1965 the International Federation intervened, since the breed was not recognized and there was no Standard. Then the subjects began to be only registered in the registers of the Racing Greyhound Federation.

General aspect

Medium sized dog. Its build is very delicate and dry. Its bone structure is light, but well proportioned to the trunk. It has a dry but toned and hard muscle. Its general aspect is completely similar to that of the "Galgo" and also to that of the "Greyhound".


Very fast and quick. One of the fastest dogs in the world, if not the fastest. Excellent cross-country skier. He is also considered a discreet companion, being very fond of man.

Anglo-Spanish Galgo


The breed is currently not recognized by the International Federation.

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