The orchard in July

The orchard in July

What can we collect?

July, from this point of view, is a very rich month: we have all the typically summer fruits, but in many cases it is still possible to harvest late spring ones. We point out peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums, pears, apples, small fruits. In some regions, lemons, oranges and other types of citrus may also be available.

In some cases, as the ripening is gradual, it is necessary to proceed in several stages, at intervals of about 5 days: it is good to work early in the morning, on plants not weakened by the afternoon heat.

It is advisable to make a selection immediately: we immediately consume the damaged or very ripe fruits. The others can be stored in a cool room, perhaps slightly spaced and not overlapping (especially apricots and peaches).

General processing

Heavy rains and hailstorms are frequent in summer. Especially the latter are capable of ruining the harvest of the vintage. Furthermore, damage to the branches caused by the wind is not uncommon. If we can, we buy and implement special networks. After the great phenomena it is essential to carefully monitor the whole orchard by eliminating damaged fruits (vehicle of various diseases) and intervening on broken branches.

This is also the best time to prepare the soil for the new plants: the ideal is to plow the entire area in depth, immediately incorporating a good amount of organic matter and possibly improve drainage by adding sand.

In the orchards that have started, the grass can be cut using the debris as mulch: it is excellent for retaining moisture and will enrich the soil, decomposing.

With high temperatures it also becomes necessary to dedicate more frequently to irrigation and also the prevention and treatment of pathogens must be done with more attention and diligence.

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Irrigation and fertilization

In this month a good humidity at the root level is important to complete the maturation. The interventions must be regulated in relation to the type of soil: we distribute water frequently only if ours is light and extremely draining and, above all, if we notice suffering at the level of the leaves. In general, it is advisable to irrigate abundantly about 2 times a month. However, once the harvest is finished, it is advisable to move towards a gradual suspension: the vegetative growth will no longer be stimulated.

Most of the fertilizations were done in the previous months. Additions may be necessary, especially in autumn or late autumn ripening fruit trees such as actinidia, late peaches, plums and citrus fruits in general. We also monitor leaves and fruits to immediately notice any deficiencies.

Pruning and grafting

Summer is a busy period for these processes. It is necessary to intervene on a large number of fruit trees, in particular on stone fruit, pome fruit, citrus and olive trees. In general, it is a question of eliminating the branches that go towards the center of the plant and start selecting those that will bear fruit in the following year. Let's not forget to intervene on any suckers at the base.

It is also a good time to make dormant bud or splinter grafts: apple, pear, peach, apricot, plum and cherry respond well.

The orchard in July: Pests and diseases

The heat makes some types of parasites active. It is essential to carefully monitor the trees because prompt intervention is always the best.

Various insects must be kept under control (olive fly, moth, various scale insects, chestnut worm, citrus fruit serpentine and beetle), reducing their impact with special killers. Very common is the red spider, capable of causing considerable damage: we use specific products active on all stages of development.

Attacks by cryptogams are also possible: especially on pome fruit we recommend the frequent use of copper oxychloride.

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