Breeds of dogs: Hovawart

Breeds of dogs: Hovawart

Origin, classification and history

Origin: Germany.
F.C.I classification: Group 2 - pinscher, schnauzer, molossoid type dogs and Swiss cattle dogs.

LHovawart is a breed mentioned in medieval legal texts; in fact in 1380 whoever had attempted the life of a Hovawart would have been punished with a substantial fine. Breed of ancient origins, held in high esteem in past centuries. In the period following the First World War, the breed seriously risked extinction. The breed was later recovered and re-evaluated by the scientist and passionate dog lover K.F. Konig. The term Hovawart derives from the language spoken in Germany in the Middle Ages, where "Hova" meant "court" and "wart" meant "guardian".

General aspect

Medium-sized dogs. Utility dog, vigorous, slightly elongated and long-haired. It has a powerful head. Its construction is very well proportioned and of fair relationships.


Multi-purpose and multi-aptitude utility dog. Well balanced and good-natured dog. Equipped with a protective instinct. Its most evolved sense is definitely the sense of smell. Its character qualities also make it an excellent companion dog. The dog is also considered an excellent guard, rescue, protection and track dog. It is certainly not a fragile dog, therefore it does not present particular problems. Dog very resistant to both temperature changes and bad weather. Love the rain. He loves snow. It is protected by its long fur during the winter. Love family life.

Hovawart (website photo)

Hovawart (website photo)


- males between 63 and 70 cm
- females between 58 and 65 cm.

Trunk: very vigorous. Of harmonic proportions. Expresses solidity and robustness.
Head and muzzle: the head is powerful and has a broad, rounded forehead. Stop well outlined.
Truffle: very broad and with well open nostrils.
Teeth: scissor bite. Complete and correct teeth.
Neck: with good insertion and rather robust.
Ears: they are attached high and well spaced, triangular: they rest slightly along the cheeks and their ends are slightly rounded.
Eyes: oval in shape, they are neither protruding nor sunken and have a dark brown color.
Limbs: straight and with excellent muscle mass. Metacarpals straight. Muscled thighs. Hocks with good angle.
Shoulder: forming a right angle.
Pace: fast and loose.
Musculature: excellent development.
Tail: the length exceeds the hock, without however touching the ground. Depending on the mood of the dog, it hangs or can be carried arched on the back.
Hair: long, strong, thick, slightly wavy and well distributed. It has little undercoat.
Allowed colors: black and tan, black and blond.
Most common defects: non-standard sizes, coat colors not allowed, monorchidism, cryptorchidism, lack of premolars, deviated jaw, twisted tail, prognathism, enognatism, light eye, badly worn ears, depigmentation, atypical, too short muzzle, narrow skull, incorrect movement, back defective, shallow lip, light bone, slender dog, obesity, insufficient muscle mass, aggressive or shy character.

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