Breeds of dogs: Irish Terrier

Breeds of dogs: Irish Terrier

Origin, classification and history

Origin: Ireland.
F.C.I classification: Group 3 - terrier.

LIrish Terrier was born and selected in Ireland. It seems that the breed has been present on the island since the Bronze Age. As with many other Irish breeds, it has always been bred only in red, to remember the hair color of most of the local population. The breed was registered in the late nineteenth century. In the year 1880 the first breed standard was drawn up. Breed not widespread. In Italy there are very few subjects, but all of great level.

General aspect

It is a medium-small dog. It is a dog full of substance, but free of heaviness. Live, energetic and agile appearance. Its trunk is moderately long. It has a hard, fawn, red or orange colored hair, which is one of the fundamental characteristics that distinguishes this breed.


Hunting dog in lair, also for hunting. For most people he is considered a real companion dog. Unlike most Terriers, it has a sweet character. Rarely aggressive. Very brave. His character is said to have all the positive sides of Terriers, without having the negative ones. It has an exceptionally developed sense of smell. Some subjects are quarrelsome with the like, but less and less than the other Terriers. He is a very robust dog and has no particular problems. It can live both at home and in the garden. The subjects of this breed need to do a lot of motion.

Irish Terrier (photo Anne Sollerud)

Irish Terrier


Height: about 45 cm.
- males about 12.25 kg;
- females 11.4 kg approx.

Trunk: moderately long trunk, with strong and straight back. Chest down and muscular, but not wide.
Head and muzzle: it is long, flat and rather narrow between the ears, free of wrinkles. The stop is barely visible, except in profile.
Truffle: always black in color.
Teeth: the teeth are complete and correct. Scissor joint.
Neck: robust.
Ears: they are small and "V" shaped, well inserted and falling forward against the cheek, with the crease above the level of the skull.
Eyes: dark, small, not prominent, they have an expression full of life and intelligence.
Limbs: they are moderately long, strong, perfectly perpendicular.
Shoulder: well inclined.
Musculature: toned and well developed.
Tail: the tail, generally cut in three quarters, is attached high and carried gaily.
Hair: hard; finer and softer undercoat.
Allowed colors: bright fawn, wheat red or orange.
Most common defects: prognathism, enognatism, coat colors not allowed by the standard, non-standard measures, incorrect gait, defective rear end, depigmented truffle, incorrect limbs, monorchidism, cryptorchidism, insufficient musculature, smooth fur, large ears, short trunk, tail badly carried, character and shy or fearful temperament.

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