Breeds of dogs: Levesque

Breeds of dogs: Levesque

Origin, classification and history

Origin: France.
F.C.I classification: UNRECOGNIZED BREED

Many local hunting enthusiasts sometimes enjoyed creating new breeds, having the "Hounds Saintongeois" as their basis. In this way it was possible to obtain a new type of Hound. It was the product of crossbreeds between English dogs, "Saintongeois" and "Guascon", at the Count Chabod's wetsuit du Parc Soubise. By crossing a male belonging to another wetsuit, with a female from Chabod, he produced the progenitor of the Hounds created, around the year 1780, by Rogatin Levesque, who subsequently took his name. The new breed was so appreciated that it came to the official recognition of the International Federation. The breed was later withdrawn from the FCI classification by the French, because according to many, it could be considered, at most, a variety of the "Gascon Saintongeois". Currently disappeared.

General aspect

Large dog with very long limbs. Its head is square and moderately convex. Race combines power with a rare distinction. The dog has a fairly good construction, with the right proportions and the right relationship between head, trunk and limbs. It has good muscle, well developed and evident. The skeleton is of a good size, in relation to the size and trunk. The variety of color with which the breed was most easily visible is black and white, with sometimes shades and light brown outlines. The length of the limbs was one of the typical aspects of the breed.


Very resistant and rustic breed. The wetsuits formed with these dogs never lacked the deer in any weather. Able to withstand rain, wind and snow without excessive problems. Very successful breed on the character level. It is claimed that recognition as a breed was due more to its qualities than to its morphological stability. Defined a reasonable human auxiliary.


Chien Levesque (photo


It was issued when the breed was officially recognized, then it was withdrawn. The breed is currently excluded from the F.C.I.

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