Breeds of dogs: Lurcher

Breeds of dogs: Lurcher

Origin, classification and history

Origin: Ireland.
F.C.I classification: Breed being recognized.

Breed selected above all for its speed and for its muscular readiness and explosiveness. Gypsies also introduced his selection, introducing several breeds including the "Greyhound" and the "Scottish Shepherd". Later it was also crossed with the "Deerhound", which helped to give it this rough hair, which is one of the essential characteristics of the "breed". It was estimated that his selection began around 1600. The dark coat was selected to blend in at night when he goes hunting.

General aspect

Not currently having a standard, the Lurcher has not yet reached its homogeneity, therefore it is superfluous to speak of the general aspect of this "canine breed". However, he remains a dog of very athletic and slender construction. His expression is lively and very intelligent.


Very receptive and exceptionally peaceful dog. It can also be lived in the house, but it requires the necessary daily bike, possibly free to run.

Lurcher (photo John Bennet)

Lurcher (photo

Lurcher (photo DuadenPaton)


The standard has not yet been issued.

Height: about 69 - 76 cm at the withers.
Weight: about 27 - 32 kg.

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