Breeds of dogs: Belgian Mastiff

Breeds of dogs: Belgian Mastiff

Origin, classification and history

Origin: Belgium.
F.C.I classification: RACE NOT RECOGNIZED

Being a molossoid, it has ancient origins, common to all other European continental molossoids. The conformation of the Belgian Mastiff (Matin Belge - Chien de Trait - Belgian Draft Mastiff) is very reminiscent of that of the "Great Swiss Mountain Dog" and also the "Rottweileir". Some think of a derivation from the "Bullenbeisser" which has disappeared today. However, in its remote origins are the Molossians of the Roman legions. It was used in the past to tow small carts loaded with milk and food or timber. It has been withdrawn from the F.C.I. by the Société Royal Canine de St. Hubert, due to the near extinction of the breed.

General aspect

Medium-sized dog, Molosser. The tow dog must be built on the model of a horse for a large rapid pull; must approach the ancient Mastiff as closely as possible. Its head is large with a large and well-developed skull with a rather short muzzle. The skull is divided as much as possible by a median sulcus. Cylindrical neck, short and thick. Chest with ribs well circled and long, well convex and well descended. Soft skin with a slightly coarse texture. Hair preferably short and hard. Good musculature in the hind limbs. Its construction is collected, it must be massive, wide and compact, low on the limbs. It must have solid limbs as a whole, nervous and strong. Size: from 60 to 70 cm at the withers. Minimum weight: 50 kg for males; 45 kg for females. Easy and loose gait.


Trawl dog par excellence. It is capable of pulling loads that even reach 300 kg in weight. Dog of great determination and temperament. He is a good guard dog. His temperament is quite calm and silent. It is rather agile and quick in movement. Very powerful and strong. Weatherproof and adverse weather conditions. Suitable for always living in the open air. It requires a lot of daily movement.

Belgian Mastiff (drawing by Federico Vinattieri

Belgian Mastiff (photo


WITHDRAWN. The breed was once part of the breeds recognized by the International Cynological Federation.
It was withdrawn because the breed had almost completely disappeared. Attempts are being made to repopulate by a group of dog lovers; if these attempts lead to success, it is not excluded that the breed may one day be included in the official classification.

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