Breeds of dogs: Tibetan Mastiff

Breeds of dogs: Tibetan Mastiff

Origin, classification and history

Origin: Tibet (China).
F.C.I classification: Group 2 - pinscher, schnauzer, molossoid and Swiss cattle dogs.

Scholars say that the Tibetan Mastiff (Tibetan mastiff - Do-khyi - Dogue du Tibet) has remained almost unchanged through the millennia. This dog is the direct descendant of the ancient Tibetan molossus that practically gave rise to all of today's mastiffs, molosses and molossoids. In ancient times, however, this breed was much more than is present today. By the famous explorer "Marco Polo", he was described as a dog the size of a donkey and with a powerful voice like that of a lion. The breed is not widespread in Europe; in Italy there are very few specimens. Even in Tibet itself the race is disappearing. The breeding of the Tibetan Mastiff today is almost entirely English. Even in dog shows it is very rare to find it.

General aspect

Very vigorous dog, with a massive bone structure. It has an imposing and wide head. Its coat is made up of long, straight hair. A dog in size is on average 65 cm tall at the withers.


Very attentive and alert dog. It is a breed with a rather difficult character. Very detached and independent, he rarely lets his intentions leak. Dog very attached to the family. His courage is now proverbial, nothing can frighten him. Excellent guardian and faithful friend. His main attitude is precisely that of a watchdog. For the bulky size it is recommended to keep it in the garden. Resistant dog, but not too long-lived. It is good to avoid becoming biting or aggressive towards other people, because it could be a fearful "weapon".

Tibetan Mastiff (photo

Tibetan Mastiff (photo

Tibetan Mastiff (photo


- males at least 66 cm at the withers
- females at least 61 cm at the withers.
Weight: from 64 to 82 kg.

Trunk: massive and with good muscle bandages. Well proportioned and of the right length.
Head and muzzle: broad and massive, the muzzle is of the "Mastiff" type, but lighter than that of the "English Mastiff" and "Neapolitan Mastiff".
Truffle: very large and black in color. Nostrils well open.
Teeth: its teeth are complete and correct.
Neck: very strong and robust.
Ears: hanging, they are of medium length, heart-shaped and carried forward when the dog is attentive.
Eyes: they are brown in color and medium in size.
Arts: they are straight and strong.
Shoulder: at the right angle to the arm.
Musculature: highly developed.
Tail: it is inserted high, rolled over the back, very large, covered with long and thick hair.
Hair: long and straight, with abundant and thick undercoat.
Allowed colors: black and tan or golden, black, gray of various shades.
Most common defects: prognathism, enognatism, monorchidism, cryptorchidism, limbs not perpendicular, defective rear end, incorrect gait, atypical head, narrow muzzle, depigmented truffle, short hair, colors on allowed by the standard, light eyes, badly worn ears, non-standard sizes, obesity, aggressive or shy / fearful character.

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