Breeds of dogs: Mudi

Breeds of dogs: Mudi

Origin, classification and history

Origin: Hungary.
F.C.I classification: Group 1 - shepherd dogs and cattle dogs (excluding Swiss cattle dogs).

We don't have a lot of historical documentation on this breed. We know that it formed spontaneously in Hungary between the 19th and 20th centuries. This dog was subsequently immediately taken into consideration by the shepherds of that territory for its natural propensity to protect livestock.

General aspect

Medium-sized shepherd dog. With a singular appearance, with head and limbs covered by shaved hair, on the other parts of the body there is a longer and more wavy coat. Very strong and well proportioned dog. Right relationships between head, limbs and trunk. Straight backbone. Intelligent expression. The hair of the Mudi contains a lot of pigment compared to that of other breeds. The free surfaces of the skin are exclusively black, while the pads and nails are slate gray.


Rather docile and intelligent dog. Very easy to train. It is a breed naturally brought to hunt pests. Dog that is very suitable for hunting wild boar and big game. He also proves to be an excellent guard dog. Both for its medium size and for its short hair it is also appreciated as a companion dog, especially for those who live in the apartment.

Mudi (photo

Mudi (photo

Mudi (photo


Height: 35-47 cm at the withers.

Trunk: vigorous trunk of good proportions.
Head and muzzle: elongated and narrow.
Truffle: always black in color. Nostrils well open.
Teeth: complete in development and number. Scissor closure.
Neck: with good insertion between the shoulders. Of right proportions.
Ears: they are placed at the top, erect, pointed, in the shape of a "V". The movements of the ears are lively.
Eyes: they are a little oblique, oval, with adherent edges of the eyelids, of dark brown color.
Arts: in perfect perpendicularity. Straight pasterns. Solid limbs, vigorous and with excellent muscle mass. Good angles of the hocks in the rear.
Shoulder: well inclined.
Pace: dynamic and with good push.
Musculature: excellent development.
Tail: the root of the tail is placed at half height: the tail is directed downwards.
Skin: well adherent to the body.
Hair: varies by region. Head and limbs are covered with straight, smooth hair. On the other parts of the body there is hair with a length between 5 and 7 cm, thick, wavy and shiny. The undercoat is arranged in spirals and strips.
Allowed colors: shiny black or white, but there are also white coats streaked with black or black streaked with white, with spots of medium size and evenly distributed.
Most common defects: monorchidism, cryptorchidism, prognathism, enognatism, deviated jaw, lack of premolars, badly worn ears, depigmented truffle, clear eye, incorrect movement, limbs not straight, insufficient musculature, defective rear, defective backline, measures out of standard, colors not allowed by standard, smooth hair all over the body, hair too short or too long, shy character.

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