Breeds of dogs: Perro de Agua Espanol

Breeds of dogs: Perro de Agua Espanol

Origin, classification and history

Origin: Spain.
F.C.I classification: Group 8 - retriever dogs, hunting dogs, water dogs

Perro de Aqua Espanol is an ancient breed. The greatest number of these subjects is found in Andalusia where used as a shepherd dog, and where it has been known for centuries as a Turkish dog. Its characteristics, in particular the qualities of its fur, make it suitable for the variations in humidity and dryness of the region, which makes it both a shepherd dog and a dog suitable for hunting game in the water.

General aspect

Rustic dog, well proportioned, medium weight, dolichocephalic, rather long-limbed, of harmonious shapes and seductive profile, of an athletic nature with well-developed musculature thanks to the continuous exercise to which he is dedicated. Straight profile. Very developed sight and hearing and nose. Body length / size (height at the withers) = 9/8; Chest height / size (height at the withers) = 4/8; Length of the nasal bridge / Length of the skull = 2/3.


He is a faithful, obedient, cheerful, hardworking, talented and very balanced dog. Strong aptitude for learning thanks to his extraordinary comprehension skills. Dog that adapts to all situations and all conditions.

Perro de Agua Espanol (photo

Perro de Agua Espanol (photo


- males: from 44 to 50 cm;
- female: from 40 to 46 cm.
Maximum deviations of 2 cm are tolerated for particularly well-conformed subjects.
- males: 18-22 kg;
- females: 14-18 kg

Trunk: robust. Straight back line. Little marked withers. Straight and powerful back. Slightly sloping croup. Wide and well-descended chest, well-belted ribs; wide transverse diameters indicating good breathing capacity. Lower line slightly raised.
Head and muzzle: powerful head, worn with elegance. Flat skull with slightly marked occipital crest. Parallel skull and nasal bridge axis. Stop little marked. Straight profile.
Truffle: well defined nostrils. The truffle is either of the same color or slightly darker than the coat.
Teeth: well shaped, white, with highly developed canines.
Neck: short, very muscular and without baleen, well attached to the shoulders.
Eyes: in a slightly oblique position, they are very expressive. Liride is hazel colored and must match the color of the coat. Conjunctiva not visible.
Ears: attached at medium height, triangular and drooping.
Limbs: front Solid and well in perpendicular. Very muscular and oblique shoulders. Vigorous arm. Elbows close to the body and parallel. Straight and robust forearm. Carpus and metacarpus straight and rather short. Rounded front feet, with well-tightened toes; nails of various colors; resistant bearings. Perfectly perpendicular hindquarters, with little pronounced angles and muscles capable of transmitting to the body a cue full of energy both during the race and in agile and elegant jumps. Long and very muscular thighs. Well developed legs. Hocks well descended. Metatarsals: short, dry and perpendicular to the ground. Hind feet: like the front feet.
Gait: the preferred trot is the trot.
Tail: attached at medium height. Some subjects have congenital brachiuria.
Skin: soft, fine and well-fitting to the body. It can be pigmented in brown or black or be pigment-free depending on the color of the coat. Same situation for mucous membranes.
Hair: always curled and woolly texture. Sheared subjects are allowed, provided that the roasting is homogeneous and does not have aesthetic purposes. Maximum recommended fur length of 12 cm which rises to 15 if the hair is extended, with a minimum length of 3. Puppies are always born with curly fur.
Allowed colors: Monocolors: white, black and brown in their different shades. Two-tone: black and white or white and brown in their different shades. Tricolor subjects, black and tan, hazel and tan.
Most common defects: upper or lower prognathism, spurs, smooth or wavy fur, albinism, coat with speckles, non-standard colors, unbalanced character, evident aggressiveness or shyness, monorchidism, cryptorchidism.

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