Dog breeds: Small Lion Dog - Loewchen

Dog breeds: Small Lion Dog - Loewchen

Origin, classification and history

Origin: France.
F.C.I classification: Group 9 - companion dogs.

The Little Lion Dog (Petit Chien Lion, Löwchen) belongs to the Bichon group and owes its name to its particular grooming of the coat which gives it its typical lion appearance. The classification of the International Federation attributed the origins of this dog to France, but the possibility that in the past it could also be lived in Spain must not be excluded, given that it is portrayed together with the Duchess D’Alba in a famous painting by Goya. Since the sixteenth century, many testimonies have highlighted its presence in the Spanish and French Mediterranean air. One hypothesis states that the breed could derive from some crosses between the following breeds: the "Bolognese", the "Maltese" and the "Bichon à poil frisé". Today the breed cannot count a large number of specimens, but it is present, as well as in France and Central Europe, also in Great Britain, Sweden and Finland. Little known in Italy.

General aspect

Small dog. Its grooming similar to the classic Barbone, the "little lion", and the tail, which also ends with a bow give it the appearance of a small lion. Dog of good construction, with very well proportioned structure and fair relationships.


And a very intelligent, affectionate, lively dog, summarizes all the qualities of the companion dog. Serene, home-made and not very noisy. He is a companion who loves the game a lot, while being unobtrusive. It is a breed that is perfectly suited to living in the apartment as in the countryside. He loves being outdoors and taking nice walks.

Small Lion Dog - Löwchen - Petit Chien Lion (photo

Little Lion Dog - Löwchen (photo


Height: from 20 to 35 cm at the withers.
Weight: from 2 to 4 kg.

Trunk: short and well proportioned.
Head and muzzle: short, fairly broad skull.
Truffle: black, it is the extension of the nasal bridge.
Teeth: complete in number and development.
Neck: of the right length and of the right volume.
Eyes: round, large and intelligent, dark.
Ears: hanging, long and well fringed.
Arts: straight and thin. Small, round feet.
Pace: rhythmic and casual.
Musculature: good development.
Tail: medium length, shorn leaving a nice plume of long hair at the end.
Skin: well adherent to the body in all its parts.
Hair: quite long and wavy, but not curly.
Allowed colors: all colors are allowed, both plain and spotty. The most sought-after colors are white, black and lemon.
Most common defects: head too long, skull not wide enough, depigmentation or color other than black for the truffle, small and almond-shaped eyes, light or protruding eyes, ears with slightly thick fringes, too long trunk, loose or poorly welded trunk, monorchidism, cryptorchidism, feet dishes, hair too short, non-standard sizes.

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