Breeds of dogs: Petit Basset Griffon Vend en

Breeds of dogs: Petit Basset Griffon Vend en

Origin, classification and history

Origin: France.
F.C.I classification: Group 6 - hounds and dogs by blood trail.

It derives from the larger form race, that is from the "Grand Griffon Vendéen". The Petit Basset, like the "Grand Basset", is a reduction of the "Grand Griffon" for the head, with a mutation for the body and the limbs. It is an ideal dog for rabbit hunting, considering its moderate size, it is very easy to track and follow the prey. This breed has been very well selected, thanks to the French breeder Abel Dezamy and the specialized club under his authority. Also sought after in other European countries, but more for the company than for hunting.

General aspect

Small dog, aberrant anacolymorphic Dachshund, dolichocephalus. Classified as morphologically braccoid. Small dog brisk and vigorous, with very slightly long-limbed body. Proudly carried tail. The hair is hard and long but without exaggeration. Expressive head, well-desired ears, garnished with long fur inserted below the eye line, not too long.


The Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen is a dog of exceptional character. Exceptional for and its qualities of affection and loyalty. Always loyal to the owner. Rather obedient, if well accustomed. Easily trainable for hunting. Ideal dog for rabbit and pheasant hunting. Very lively and cheerful. It always expresses an untiring desire to make and discover new places and new smells. He also reveals an excellent companion dog with his family, even more suitable than the major breed.

Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen (photo website)

Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen (photo website)


Height: from 34 cm to 38 cm.

Trunk: chest deep enough but not too wide. Moderately rounded coasts. Straight, muscular, very strong kidney. The rump is well muscled and quite open.
Head and muzzle: slightly convex skull, slightly elongated, not very wide, well highlighted under the eyes. Marked nose-frontal fall. Occipital crest quite developed. The muzzle shorter than that of the larger Bassetto of the same name, however very slightly elongated and square at its ends. Straight nasal bridge, lips covered with good mustaches.
Truffle: black, developed, open and well-rounded.
Teeth: complete in development and number.
Neck: long and robust, thicker in its insertion, with no dewlap in the shoulders.
Ears: they are soft, narrow and fine, covered with long hair and ending in an oval, well turned inwards, as for length, they must not reach the end of the muzzle. They are inserted below the eye line.
Eyes: large and intelligent enough, they do not show white. The eyelid mucosa does not have to be apparently. The hairs that surmount the eye must protrude forward without covering it.
Skin: quite thick, often marbled in tricolor subjects, white and black and white and gray.
Limbs: quite strong bone, but proportionate to the size. The forelegs are straight with good forearm, carpus very little detected. In the hindquarters, the muscular and slightly rounded thighs. The hocks are quite wide, slightly angled, never completely straight. The feet are not too strong, hard soles, well closed toes, solid nails.
Pace: very loose and easy.
Shoulder: dry, oblique, well welded to the body.
Musculature: fairly well developed throughout the body, especially in the hind limbs.
Tail: inserted high, large at its insertion, it gradually refines towards the end, herringbone, not too long, carried with a saber blade.
Hair: hard, but not too long, long, never silky, nor woolly; fringes more scarce than in the larger Basset.
Allowed colors: unicolor: more or less loaded fawn, hare hair, white, gray. Bicolour: white and orange, white and black, white and gray, white and fire. Fawn color is never recommended.
Most common defects: flat and short head, bleached truffle, depigmented truffle, light eye, flattened muzzle, unequal jaws, flat ears, ears without fur, ears with high attachment, neck too short, soft back, twisted limbs, semi-twisted limbs, hocks too much angled, woolly hair, monorchidism, cryptorchidism, enognatism, lack of teeth, incorrect gait, slightly elongated structure.

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