Breeds of dogs: Rastreador Brasileiro - Brazilian track dog

Breeds of dogs: Rastreador Brasileiro - Brazilian track dog

Origin, classification and history

Origin: Brazil.
F.C.I classification: RACE NOT RECOGNIZED

The Rastreador (or Brazilian track dog) was the product of a selective process conducted through repeated mating between some unrecognized Hounds and the "American Foxhound". The introduction of "Coonhound" blood is evident from the coloring of the coat of the various specimens and in the behaviors. Little known breed outside of Brazil. Used in hunting jaguar, wild boar, roe deer and other large breeds.

General aspect

Medium sized dog. It has the typical morphology of the other Hounds that are destined for the same use. It has an elongated head, ears slightly folded and rounded at the end, long. It has a deep voice with various shades. She has a serious expression, and some authors have called her melancholy. It has very robust and muscular limbs. Skeleton of the right proportion to the size.


It is a hardworking and instinctive race. Dog that stands out for his great courage in the face of danger. It is used for hunting both alone and in wet suits. It is a breed that needs a lot of movement. It must necessarily live in the open air. It must have large spaces.

Rastreador Brasileiro - Brazilian tracking dog (photo


Eliminated from the official F.C.I. list
Already recognized in the past. Some Brazilian dog associations are attempting to recover the breed to bring it back to the recognition of the International Federation.

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