Dog breeds: Rhodesian Ridgeback

Dog breeds: Rhodesian Ridgeback

Origin, classification and history

Origin: Kennel Union of Southern Africa and Zimbabwe.
F.C.I classification: Group 6 - hounds and dogs by blood trail.

There is a bit of mystery about the origins of this particular dog breed. Dogs with the same characteristics as the Rhodesian Ridgeback (Chien de Rhodésie à crete dorsale), that is, with the typical crest, exist only in two points of the Earth, Southern Africa and Siam, where it came after the slave trade. There is a legend that the crest on its back would be a lion's paw. This breed is little known in Italy and in the rest of Europe; it is very difficult to find a puppy.

General aspect

Strong and muscular dog; medium size. trunk with synthetic shapes, capable of resistance and rapidity. Well proportioned dog. The characteristic that makes the breed unique is the typical and very particular ridge on the back.


Very lively, very cheerful, very courageous dog; good and faithful dog both with the owner and with the family. Also suitable for being with children. It is a very rustic and robust dog that has no health problems. It can be kept both at home and in the garden, as it does not fear the weather. He was selected for the lion hunt: his task is to report a beast barking. His strategy is to attract the beast with fun escapes until he is brought in front of the master's rifle.

Rhodesian Ridgeback male (website photo)

Rhodesian Ridgeback male (website photo)

Rhodesian Ridgeback (website photo)


- males up to 65 cm;
- females up to 62.5 cm.

Trunk: trunk with symmetrical shapes, capable of resistance and rapidity.
Head and muzzle: it is of good length. Flat skull, rather wide between the ears, free of wrinkles when the dog is at rest. The muzzle is long, deep, robust; the stop quite marked.
Truffle: the truffle is always black in color. Nostrils well open.
Teeth: the teeth must be complete and correct. Scissor joint.
Neck: robust.
Ears: they are attached rather high, of medium size, close to the head.
Eyes: round, bright, color in harmony with the coat.
Limbs: they are strong, of good bone, well in perpendicularity.
Shoulder: well-angled shoulder.
Tail: it is carried with an upward curve, never rolled up.
Hair: short, thick, smooth, shiny, neither woolly nor silky. Immediately behind the shoulders begins the characteristic fur crest which must contain at the beginning two identical crowns opposite each other. The crest is the distinctive feature of the breed.
Allowed colors: varies from light wheat to red wheat. A little white is allowed on the chest and fingers.
Most common defects: prognathism, enognatism, defects of teeth, aggressive or shy character, monorchidism, cryptorchidism, absent crest, not very evident crest, long hair, too light bone, insufficient musculature, badly worn ears, badly trimmed truffle, colors not allowed, wrong angles, bad tail bad, bad gait.

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