Dog breeds: Romanian Carpathian Sheperd Dog

Dog breeds: Romanian Carpathian Sheperd Dog

Origin, classification and history

Origin: Romania.
F.C.I classification: Group 1 - shepherd dogs and cattle dogs (excluding Swiss cattle dogs).

The Romanian Carpathian Sheperd Dog (Romanian Carpathian Shepherd - Ciobanesc Romanesc Carpatin) is a breed not very well known outside Romania or Eastern Europe, although it is better known than the other Romanian shepherd dog the "Mioritic Sheperd Dog" . Its origins are not well known, it is thought that at its origin there are also the eastern Molossians, who probably crossed with indigenous shepherd dogs. The first standard was drawn up in 1934 by the Romanian National Institute of Animal Husbandry. Subsequently, the standard was updated in 1982, 1989 and 2001. The F.C.I. occurred on March 30, 2002.

General aspect

Medium sized dog. Its appearance gives the impression of tonicity and intelligence. His expression is jovial and his head has a skull-muzzle ratio of 1: 1. its back is solid. The hindquarters are very well muscled. It has an accentuated angle of the hocks. Its body is completely covered with medium length hair. Very agile and vigorous dog. Rectangular body.


His character is rather tenacious and independent. Very attached to his master, but intolerant of people he doesn't know. It is not advisable to keep it indoors, because this dog needs to be outdoors. It does not suffer from low temperatures and adapts well to all types of climate. He is a fairly rustic dog. This dog is capable of fighting wolves and even bears if the situation calls for it. Very instinctive.

Romanian Carpathian Sheperd Dog (photo

Romanian Carpathian Sheperd Dog puppies (photo

Romanian Carpathian Sheperd Dog (photo


- males: from 65 to 73 cm at the withers;
- females: from 59 to 67 cm at the withers.

Trunk: built in the rectangle, solid, robust.
Head and muzzle: mesocephalic head, with a slightly rounded skull on the sides.
Truffle: always black in color.
Teeth: teeth must always be correct and complete in number.
Neck: strong, powerful.
Eyes: not prominent, nor sunken. Medium in size, brown in color.
Ears: hanging, medium length.
Limbs: strong, front straight and perpendicular; muscular and well angled hindquarters.
Tail: always carried high on the back.
Hair: not excessively long, thick undercoat.
Allowed colors: wolf gray, carbonate.
Most recurrent defects: too light colored eye, excessive aggressiveness, shyness, incorrect gait, saddled upper line, defective rear, defective teeth, insufficient musculature, rickets, white nails, non-standard colors, non-standard sizes, monorchidism.

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