Dog breeds: Romanian Mioritic Sheperd Dog

Dog breeds: Romanian Mioritic Sheperd Dog

Origin, classification and history

Origin: Romania.
F.C.I classification: Group 1 - shepherd dogs and cattle dogs (excluding Swiss cattle dogs).

The Romanian Mioritic Sheperd Dog (Ciobanesc Romanesc Mioritic) almost unknown outside his country of origin (even if he has recently started to be present at some Italian dog shows). In the city of Bucharest there are several circles of breed enthusiasts. Its origins are not well known, but given that in this breed some typical characteristics of the molossoids can be observed, it is thought that at its origin there are also the oriental molossi, which probably crossed with the "Simocion of greece", a dog now extinct.
He was recognized by the Romanian Cynological Association in 1981 and by the FCI in 2004.

General aspect

Medium-sized dog, with a rather robust appearance and excellent musculature. Sexual dimorphism is evident. Its long and very thick coat is a fundamental characteristic of the breed.


This dog is said to be able to deal with dogs much larger than his stature. However, his temperament is fairly balanced. Excellent shepherd dog and also good guard dog.

Romanian Mioritic Sheperd Dog (photo website)

Romanian Mioritic Sheperd Dog (photo website)


Height: 70-75 cm at the withers.

Trunk: built in the rectangle, solid, robust, completely covered with fur.
Head and muzzle: broad skull, broad muzzle.
Truffle: always black in color.
Teeth: teeth must always be correct and complete in number.
Neck: strong, robust.
Eyes: not prominent, nor sunken. Medium in size, brown in color.
Ears: hanging, medium length.
Limbs: strong, front straight and perpendicular; muscular and well angled hindquarters.
Tail: medium length, covered with thick hair.
Hair: long, thick, minimum 10 cm in length.
Allowed colors: uniform colors.
Most common defects: too light-colored eye, excessive aggressiveness, shyness, incorrect gait, saddled upper line, defective rear, defective teeth, insufficient musculature, rickets, white nails, non-standard colors, non-standard sizes, non-standard measures, monorchidism, short hair, tail badly carried, cryptorchidism.

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