Breeds of dogs: Istrian Hound

Breeds of dogs: Istrian Hound

Origin, classification and history

Origin: Croatia.
F.C.I classification: Group 6 - hounds and dogs by blood trail.

The short-haired Istrian Hound (Istarski Kratkodlaki gonic) is certainly an ancient dog, but its origins are unknown.

General aspect

Dog of noble appearance, with long, narrow and dry head. Dog of excellent proportions and excellent relationships. Light hound with both bone and structure in general. The musculature is also dry. There is also a slightly haired Istrian Hound.


It is an excellent Hound used above all for the hare and the fox, but also suitable for the blood trail. In the family it is good and docile, but it is a strong barker and therefore not suitable for city life.

Satin-haired Hound of Istria (photo by Roberto Piras

Satin-haired Hound of Istria (photo by Roberto Piras


Height: between 44 and 56 cm at the withers. Ideal height of 50 cm for the male and 48 for the female.

Trunk: elastic body. With dry musculature.
Head and muzzle: long, narrow and dry head.
Truffle: always black in color.
Teeth: the teeth are complete and correct. The joint is scissor-like.
Neck: the neck is well erect and long enough.
Ears: they are fine, with a large attachment slightly below the eye line; they are rather narrow at the tip. They are considered long when, extended, they reach the canines, very long when they exceed this measure. If they go beyond at least the superciliary arches they are considered medium-long.
Eyes: oval in shape; they are expressive but not protruding. The iris must be as dark as possible.
Limbs: perfectly perpendicular; limbs dry and lightly boned, but proportionate.
Shoulder: with right angle.
Tail: the tail, with a high and robust attachment, gradually tapers towards the end; the finer the tail, the more the dog is considered noble. It is carried slightly arched at the top.
Skin: fairly well fitting to the body in all its parts. Very soft and quite elastic.
Hair: fine, satin, dense and shiny.
Allowed colors: white snow background. The ears are orange at the base and this color can be extended on the cheeks and around the eyes, giving the head a characteristic appearance. The ears which can also be speckled orange as well as other parts of the body, especially the base of the tail. The hair can be completely white.
Most common defects: prognathism, enognatism, tooth deficiencies, incorrect movement, excessively developed or insufficient musculature, limbs not straight, defective rear end, badly worn ears, depigmentation of the truffle, atypical, monorchidism, cryptorchidism, shy character.

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