Dog breeds: Yugoslavian tricolor hound

Dog breeds: Yugoslavian tricolor hound

Origin, classification and history

Origin: Serbia-Montenegro.
F.C.I classification: Group 6 - hounds and dogs by blood trail.

The Yugoslavian Tricolor Hound (Jugoslavenski Trobojni Gonic - Chien Courant Yougoslave Tricolore) is an ancient breed. It is thought to have descended from Mediterranean breeds dating back several centuries before Christ. Considered an autochthonous breed of the Balkan countries. Its diffusion is modest even in its country of origin. Outside of Serbia it is almost completely unknown.

General aspect

Medium sized dog. Robust and very resistant. Well proportioned overall.


Multipurpose hunting and hunting dog. In his country and in other places he is also used as a blood trail dog. At work he is very stubborn. He is a very self-confident and very independent dog. the grit and his courage are proverbial. Sweet and peaceful with the family. It is a breed that requires a lot of exercise; one must never make him lazy.

Yugoslavian Tricolor Hound (photo

Yugoslav tricolor hound (photo


Height: from 45 to 50 cm at the withers.

Trunk: robust and well proportioned.
Head and muzzle: typical hound head. Strong jaws and broad skull. Beautiful intelligent expression.
Truffle: always black in color, with nostrils well open.
Teeth: the teeth are correct and complete. The joint is scissor-like.
Neck: strong, robust.
Ears: are attached below the eye line, of moderate thickness, of medium length. At rest, their rounded tips reach the posterior corners of the jaw. They are worn hanging, well applied against the cheeks and flat.
Eyes: dark brown to black, they have a sweet expression.
Limbs: well upright. Solid bone structure of the right proportion. Feet not too small. Not excessive angles. Muscles clearly visible in the posterior.
Pace: fast trotting and galloping.
Musculature: excellent.
Tail: prolongs the line of the back.
Hair: hard and short.
Allowed colors: red fox or formentino red background. On the upper part of the trunk there is a black saddle or a more or less wide cover, always black.
Most common defects: prognathism, enognatism, monorchidism, cryptorchidism, limbs not perpendicular, atypical head, incorrect movement, badly worn tail, badly worn ears, defects of teeth, depigmented truffle, neck not very robust, weak back, small feet, colors not allowed by the standard, non-standard measures, shy character, obesity, entropion, incorrect cranio-facial axes, nervousness.

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