Dog breeds: Stone corner's cattle dog

Dog breeds: Stone corner's cattle dog

Origin, classification and history

Origin: Italy.
F.C.I classification: NOT RECOGNIZED.

The Dorigean territory of this breed is Collepietra, near the city of Bolzano (Trentino - Alto Adige). The birth of the Stone corners cattle dogs is to be attributed to a coincidence, between crosses of wolf dogs and German shepherds of different colors made by some fans of the amateur horse group Stone Corners. In the selection, staining colors and innate natural qualities are preferred.

General appearance and character

Stone corners cattle dogs are very robust and willing working dogs. They are particularly suitable for carrying flocks and taking care of livestock. Their characteristics make them excellent dogs for sporting activities such as Agility or the search for people and things. Excellent guard and companion dogs, they become attached to the family protecting it. They are the ideal companions for long excursions on foot or on horseback.

Stone corners cattle dog (photo

Stone corners cattle dog (photo

Stone corners cattle dog puppy (photo



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