Breeds of dogs: Telomian

Breeds of dogs: Telomian

Origin, classification and history

Origin: Malaysia - United States.
F.C.I classification: RACE NOT RECOGNIZED.

Very ancient breed bred by the aborigines of Malaysia. In the country of origin it is used for hunting, herding, guarding and companionship. Dogs with great agility, manage to climb the stairs to access the raised houses. The breed became known in the West in 1963 when the American anthropologist Orville Elliot identified some specimens bred by the aborigines in the jungles of Malaysia. Telomian derives from the name of the Telom river. Some specimens were brought to the United States where, well fed and helped by new environments, they improved both in size and temperament. All specimens in America derive from two original pairs.

General aspect

It has characters similar to Basenji. Vigorous and robust appearance. In the United States it is used exclusively as a companion dog; much appreciated for cleanliness, dignity and subdued polite barking.


Cheerful, lively, very intelligent; he loves children, fond of the house and the owners.

Telomian (photo

Telomian (photo


- males from 40 to 48 cm
- females from 38 to 45 cm.
- males ranges from 11 to 13 kg
- females from 10 to 12 kg.

The head is wedge-shaped; the body is compact and the tail is carried like a sickle. The limbs are robust, the abdomen retracted, the thorax broad. The hair is short and soft, in all shades of sand color, with speckled spots on the chest and feet.


Telomian (photo

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