Breeds of dogs: Swedish Lapphund

Breeds of dogs: Swedish Lapphund

Origin, classification and history

Origin: Sweden.
F.C.I classification: Group 5 - spitz and primitive type dogs.

Its original name is "Svensk lapphund". Since time immemorial, Lapphund has been around in Sweden. Both the Swedish Lapphund and the "Finnish Lapphund" are ancient dogs. In Varanger, in the far north of Norway, a dog skeleton was found in good condition, dating back to 7000 years ago; this skeleton shows in all respects the characteristics of a Lapphund. All the Spitz-type dogs descend from the Lapphunds, both European and Baltic ones.

General aspect

Slightly below average size dog. Typical conformation from Spitz type dog. It has a typical abundant and typically black colored coat.


The Lapphund is a very cute, calm dog of great courage. He is very willing and quite easy to train. His intelligence is proverbial and also his great desire to learn. It has the characteristic of being an extremely friendly dog. Today this breed is used in particular as a companion breed. He is also a good Agility, Obedience and Pistage dog.

Swedish Lapphund (photo

Swedish Lapphund (photo

Swedish Lapphund (photo


- ideal males 48 cm
- ideal females 43 cm.
There is a tolerance of 3 cm more or less.

Trunk: solid conformation.
Head and muzzle: skull slightly longer than wide. Stop well marked.
Truffle: black in color.
Teeth: the teeth must be correct and complete.
Neck: well erect and robust.
Eyes: they are dark brown in color, round in shape; large without being prominent. They have kind and friendly expression.
Ears: small, wide at the base, carried erect, at the ends they are slightly rounded.
Limbs: very robust and rather muscular.
Tail: attached high, of medium length, folded on the back when the dog is in attention, hanging when it is at rest.
Hair: very abundant, double, with long, straight and rough covering hair and fine and dense undercoat.
Allowed colors: the ideal color is solid black, a bronze tone is typical. There is also brown. The presence of white on the toes and the tip of the tail is allowed.
Most common defects: colors not allowed by the standard, cut out of the standard, too large white spots, too large skull, poorly worn tail, not very thick hair, short hair, lack of premolars, prognathism, enognatism, clear eyes, monorchidism, cryptorchidism, incorrect gait, ambit, diffident or shy character.

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