Dog breeds: Dog technician vocabulary

Dog breeds: Dog technician vocabulary

Vocabulary of cynological terms

Breeding affix: abbreviation with which the farm names its subjects.
Amble: type of gait of the dog.
Amputation: cutting the tail.
Angles: joints of the front and rear limbs.
anuro: dog with very short cut tail, or born without a tail.
Harlequin: hair with black spots on a white background.
Auslese: prestigious award for the German shepherd.
forepart: area of ​​the chest between the sternum and the front limbs.
Beard: long hair around the jaw and jaw.
Belton: color of the English setter black and white, which has blue undertones to the eye.
Blue-merle: blue marbled hair, or with blue spots on a lighter background.
Soft mouth: characteristic of hunting ani, which bring back game without damaging it.
Grizzled: gray-blue color.
Fall: very abundant hair that descends from the skull to cover the entire muzzle.
Heat: phase in which ovulation occurs in the female, and is ready to accept the male.
Dog square: dog with short and compact body.
Cartilage: ear tissue.
closing: position of the upper and lower cloisters.
kyphosis: arching of the back.
Saber tail: almost semicycle tail.
Collar: long hair on the undercollar and chest.
Conformation: structure of the dog.
Coulotte: very abundant hair fringes on the back of the thighs.
Crest: hair that stands on the neck and back to indicate an attitude of aggression or fear.
Mane: long hair around the whole neck.
cryptorchidism: absence of testicles in the scrotum.
Cucciolare: giving birth to puppies.
dysplasia: congenital anomaly of the hip.
ectropion: anomaly of the eye.
E.N.C.I.: initials of the Italian National Dog Association.
entropion: eye anomaly that causes continuous irritation.
F.C.I.: initials of the International Cynological Federation.
Stop: motionless position of a hunting dog indicating the direction of the game.
Flame: white spot that goes from the skull to the muzzle.
fringing: very long hair on ears, body, legs, tail.
Fawn: gold color full of the coat.
Gallop: faster pace of the dog.
Withers: the highest point of the back, just below the neck.
Hock: joint of hind limbs.
Dewlap: loose and hanging skin, present on the chin strap.
Elbow: joint of the front limbs.
croup: area of ​​the back bordering the tail.
Saddleblankets: large black spot on the back and sides.
Cheek: lateral parts of the muzzle.
Pendulous lips: upper lip that covers the lower lip with plenty of skin.
Lobular: logo-shaped ears.
macchiettatura: coat with spots of a different color than the background.
Mask: darker pigmentation of the hair on the head.
monorchidism: presence of only one testicle.
Monta: mating between dogs.
docking: practical cut to the ears to make them erect.
muzzle: part of the head that goes from the stop to the truffle.
Occiput: bone crest present on the highest point of the skull.
Homer: front limb bone.
Button ears: semi-erect ears, with tip hanging forward.
Rose ears: small ears, turn down and with the pavilion in evidence.
Bat ears: erect ears, wide at the base and rounded at the tip.
Hanging ears: ears hanging forward, on the sides of the head.
Wolf palate: anomaly of the palate; puppies are born with a broken palate.
Pastern: lower wall of the limbs, above the feet.
Cover hair: outer coat covering the body.
Protective hair: top coat, usually harder than undercoat.
Hair erect: long covering hair, kept raised and straight.
Rough coat: hard hair to the touch.
Hare foot: long and narrow foot.
Plumage: soft hair of the tail.
Kidney: region of the body that goes from the last rib to the pelvic region.
Ring: demarcated area where competition takes place in a dog show.
Brush: thick and bushy tail.
Spur: fifth small finger.
Stop: is the depression between the skull and the muzzle, where the cranial bones and the nasal bones are welded.
Truffle: dog's nose.
Butterfly truffle: two-colored nose.
Brindle: association of lighter and darker hair that gives the optical impression of a tiger.
Cylindrical chest: very rounded chest.
Shearing: particular grooming, used especially for Barboni.
Trimming: grooming that involves shearing and stripping the hair.
vaccinismo: converging hocks.
item: bark of the Hounds in hunting.

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