Breeds of dogs: Welsh Springer Spaniel

Breeds of dogs: Welsh Springer Spaniel

Origin, classification and history

Origin: Great Britain.
F.C.I classification: Group 8 - retriever dogs, hunting dogs, water dogs.

The Welsh Springer Spaniel had its development in Wales, most likely before the fourteenth century. Its history is very similar to that of the English Cocker, since initially all the Spaniels were called Cocker. Only in 1900 there was a clear distinction between the Spaniel and the English Cocker.

General aspect

Medium-sized dog, harmonious, very compact, and not excessively tall on the limbs. Dog visibly brought to hard work and endurance. Very tonic in the muscle masses.


Very active and energetic hunting dog. Gentle, very robust and rustic dog. It has no problems with all kinds of climates and climatic conditions.
He has a tendency to move away from the labor camp because of his proverbial desire to explore.
Good training is always recommended before trying it out at work. It is never aggressive, in fact it is a dog also suitable for children. Very affectionate in the family. Excellent companion. Sometimes he tends to be a little shy and so it's worth socializing a lot when he's still a puppy.

Welsh Springer Spaniel (photo

Welsh Springer Spaniel (photo

Welsh Springer Spaniel (photo


- males 48 cm at the withers;
- females 46 cm at the withers
Weight: from 16 to 20 kg.

Trunk: compact and well proportioned.
Head and muzzle: typical Spaniel head.
Truffle: brown.
Teeth: the teeth are complete and correct.
Neck: robust.
Eyes: hazel or dark colored, medium in size. They must not be prominent or sunken.
Ears: they are attached moderately low, relatively small and hang close to the cheeks. In the shape of vine leaves.
Limbs: perfectly perpendicular. Straight and robust.
Musculature: toned and of excellent development.
Tail: well attached and low; never carried higher than the line of the back.
Hair: straight and flat, of silky texture.
Allowed colors: bright red and white. No other colors are allowed.
Most common defects: limbs not perpendicular, incorrect gait, lack of premolars, prognathism, enognatism, colors not allowed by the breed standard, non-standard sizes, badly worn tail, too long hair, untidy hair, too shy character, atypical head.

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