Goat breeds: Azpi Gorri

Goat breeds: Azpi Gorri

Origin and diffusion

Origin: Spain (Basque Country).

The name of Azpi Gorri answers two Basque words, whose translation in Spanish means: with the lower part of reddish color. It is included in the group of native breeds in danger of extinction.
It is present in the area south of Vizcaya and north of Álava, with some herds in the autonomous community of Navarre.

Morphological and productive characteristics

It includes very rustic animals with a straight or sub-concave, volumetric profile and medium or sublongiline proportions. Arched horns in females, with good development and greater length and strength in males. Elongated trunk, with strong dorsal-lumbar line, horizontal and straight. Deep chest. Moderately arched ribs. Medium-sized breasts, symmetrical and with medium-sized, vertical, parallel and well-differentiated nipples.

Medium weight:
- Male: 60-65 kg
- Female: 40-45 kg

The breed is considered of double attitude (milk-meat); although the main objective of its exploitation has shifted over time between the two productions. It is currently raised almost exclusively for meat production; because, although in the past it has been subjected to milking, given its good capabilities in the field of milk production, this practice has been abandoned due to the extensive exploitation regime to which it is subject, which limits the production of milk. However, lately this orientation seems to change again, claiming once again that milk production occupies an important place in the exploitation of the Azpi Gorri breed.

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