Goat breeds: Bionda dell'Adamello

Goat breeds: Bionda dell'Adamello

Origin and diffusion

The origins of this breed are not yet certain, although we can attribute its derivation to the goat population of the Alpine arc originally made up of similar subjects in morphology, type of horns, ear bearing, grinding wheels, but characterized by great mix of coats .
The area of ​​maximum concentration of this goat is certainly Val Camonica (BS), especially in the Saviore Valley at the foot of the Adamello massif; of less importance are the flocks present in the province of Bergamo, those in the Alto Lario area in the province of Lecco, and in the province of Trento (Pinzolo Val Rendena).
The Registry in Italy was activated in 1997. The breeding is semi-extensive: winter housing, spring-autumn pasture and summer pasture.
The prevalent attitude of this breed is the production of meat (other news).

Morphological and productive characteristics

Cut it: medium, with strong skeletal structure.
Head: light, with rectilinear front-nasal profile, with the presence of beard in males and in the majority of females; ears carried to the side; both acorns and horns (when present they are often saber-shaped with divergent ends).
Trunk: elongated and thin neck (with presence of tettole), wide and deep thorax, developed abdomen; fairly developed mammary system, well attached and with generally piriform nipples. Solid and robust limbs.
Pile: from blond to light brown, sometimes darker with bronze shades; muzzle with characteristic white frisations on the sides of the head; the ventral area is also white, from the thorax to the abdomen, including the inner part of the thighs, the anal mirror and the extremities of the limbs below the hock and the knee; very long hair in the regions of the shoulder, the rump and especially the thighs. Skin is fine and elastic.
Height at the withers: Females to. cm. 74
Medium weight: males to. Kg. 70-75 -Females to. Kg. 55-60
Production medium milk: primiparae lt. 158 -multiparous lt. 334

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Adamello Blonde Goat

Blonde Adamello goat (photo website)

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