Goat breeds: Capra Blanca Celtiberica

Goat breeds: Capra Blanca Celtiberica

Origin and diffusion

Origin: Spain.

The breed is a clear expression of the Savana type. During the second half of the Neolithic, the Bezoar type would be gradually replaced by the Savana type, as evidenced by the remains found in southern Europe, since in the Bronze Age it would expand throughout the continent and leave some Bezoar-type nuclei in the Alps and Scandinavia. Due to the high degree of insulation imposed by the Pyrenees to the north and the Strait to the south, in Spain the Savana type has been preserved in great purity.
Breeders of this breed are found in different regions of Spain such as Andalusia, Aragon; Castilla La Mancha, Cuenca and Guadalajara, Murcia and Alicante.

Morphological and productive characteristics

Matt white coat.
Well proportioned, pyramidal truncated head. Front profile and straight front. Orbits developed and slightly marked. Medium eyes with a short but deep tear. Moderately large, slightly drooping ears, facing forward. Medium length neck, sometimes shortened. In males with great muscle development. Trunk between parallels. Well developed, wide and deep.

Average height:
- Male: 75 cm
- Female: 67.5 cm

Medium weight:
- Male: 80 kg
- Female: 52.5 kg

Generally I am bred in the wild, except in the mating season when the females are brought out after the first days after the birth, returning in the afternoon to breastfeed the kids.
Aptitude: meat.

Capra Blanca Celtibérica (photo

Capra Blanca Celtibérica (photo

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