Goat breeds: Lorraine goat

Goat breeds: Lorraine goat

Origin and diffusion

Origin: France.

The Lorraine goat is a population that descends from a long history of voluntary and accidental crossings, as evidenced by the diversity of the phenotypes. So much so that it was recognized as a breed in its own right only in 2012. It has belonged to the zootechnical panorama of Lorraine for centuries, but its position has always been marginal: it was bred as a courtyard animal in view of the milk and meat needs of families , or was used as a guide animal for bovine herds and sheep flocks during transhumance. During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries the local goat population often underwent crossings with the Alpine goat, until the characteristics of the breed were dispersed. In 2006, a group of students from the École Supérieure d’Agronomie in Nancy identified 9 "resistant" breeders, owners of only 78 heads of cattle properly defined as Lorraine goat. A meticulous work of defining the specific characteristics of the breed has made it possible to distinguish it on the morphological level from the Alpina and Saanen, and to enhance and safeguard its rusticity on the behavioral level.
The Lorraine goat is found mainly in the 4 departments of Lorraine (Meurthe and Moselle, Moselle, Meuse and Vosges), but it is also found in neighboring departments, such as the Ardennes, the Haute-Marne, the Upper Rhine and the Haute-Saône.

Morphological and productive characteristics

Oresentano a light gray coat (white and black hair are mixed). The variants of the brown color are tolerated provided that it is a dark and mixed brown. The profile of the head is rather rectilinear, straight bevel, goatee obliged in males and preferred also in goats.
An average length over the whole body is desirable. Short hair must be avoided. The brown color on the tip of the hair is tolerated.
Horns: in females arched back, slightly divergent; in males rather lyre-shaped.

Average height:
- Male: 73 cm
- Female: 68 cm

Medium weight:
- Male: 70-100 kg
- Female: 50-60 kg

Main aptitude: milk.

Lorraine goat female (photo

Lorraine goat male (photo

Lorraine goat (photo

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