Goat breeds: Goat of Potenza (Grana Lucana)

Goat breeds: Goat of Potenza (Grana Lucana)

Origin and diffusion

Italian breed in the state of relic. A few hundred animals, of heterogeneous origin with influences from the Maltese, Alpina and Garganica breeds, are bred in the province of Potenza (Basilicata). In 2002 the Registry was activated. Dual-purpose breed. The production of meat is obtained with kids of 8-9 kg. Twinness goodness (trigeminal parts are not rare).

Morphological and productive characteristics

Cut it: average.
Head: fine, light head with large hanging ears, generally equipped with horns.
Trunk: straight profile.
Pile: uniform, of various colors (brown, gray or black), with long hairs.
Height average at the withers:
-males to. cm. 80
-Females to. cm. 70
Weight average:
to. Kg. 70-80
-Females to. Kg. 50
Productions medium milk: multiparous lt. 300-350.

Provincial Breeders Association
Via dellEdilizia - 85100 Potenza
Tel. 0971 470000 - Fax 0971 470405

Goat of Potenza (photo archive of the National Shepherding Association)

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