Goat breeds: Teramo goat

Goat breeds: Teramo goat

Origin and diffusion

Italian breed originating in the province of Teramo. Very heterogeneous characteristics for frequent crossings with Garganica goats. A few hundred animals are raised on high hill farms on very steep and bushy pastures. In winter the diet is supplemented with hay and cereals. In 2002 the Registry Register was activated. The main attitude is milk production. The twinning rate is good.

Morphological and productive characteristics

Cut it: average.
Head: long head with rectilinear front-nasal profile, with horns in both sexes.
Trunk: average length, few transverse diameters.
Pile: variable color (gray, black, brown) with long hair.
Height average at the withers:males to. cm. 70-85 -Females to. cm. 60-70
Weight average:males to. Kg. 60-80 -Females to. Kg. 45-60
Production 250-400 kg of milk for lactation.

Provincial Breeders Association
Circonvallazione Ragusa 80/82 - 64100 Teramo
Tel. 0861 244758 - Fax 0861 241236

Teramo goat (photo from the CNR archive)

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