Goat breeds: Creole goat

Goat breeds: Creole goat

Origin and diffusion

Origin: Guadalupe (France).

Raised in the Antilles, the Creole goat descends from multiple crosses (Europe, Africa, India), but has a genotype close to that of African breeds.
The very binding climatic, food and pathological conditions with which she has come to terms have allowed her to develop extreme adaptability. The numerous crosses, natural selection and exploitation for diversified uses have made it a highly rustic breed. It can mate all year round and boasts an exceptional fertility and prolificity rate, to which good maternal qualities are combined. It gives birth to 2 or 3 kids per pregnancy (2.3 on average) at the rate of 3 parts every 24 months. Pre-weaning mortality is low compared to other tropical breeds.

Morphological and productive characteristics

The predominant color of the coat is black, but there are also other color combinations (black, fawn and gray).

Size: small.

Medium weight:
- Male: 38 kg
- Female: 28 kg

It is highly appreciated for the meat of its kids. In Guadalupe, but also in India, the goat sprouts excellent prices: it is bred mainly for meat, but is also purchased for traditional sacrificial ceremonies.

Creole goat (photo

Creole goat (photo

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