Goat breeds: Fažana or Colombina

Goat breeds: Fažana or Colombina

Origin and diffusion

Italian goat breed. In Northern Italy especially in Piedmont, the breed is called Fasana or Colombina, while in other European states, Austria, France and Germany it is mentioned "Pavone".
The farms are distributed in the northern areas of Piedmont and 266 specimens have been classified, divided into 68 farms composed of some adult males but, above all, of female line.
To obtain pure-bred breeding, 20 Fasane goats were selected in Valsesia, using them in comeback programs.

Morphological and productive characteristics

Breed Fažana or Colombina

Fažana or Colombina (photo J. Errante Turin Zootechnical Sciences Department RARE Association)

Atlas of native breeds
Cattle, horses, sheep and goats, pigs reared in Italy
Daniele Bigi, Alessio Zanon - Edagricole - November 2008

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