Goat breeds: Garganica

Goat breeds: Garganica

Origin and diffusion

Italian breed originating in the Gargano promontory (Puglia) derived from the crossbreeding of indigenous subjects with goats from Western Europe. Zone of greatest diffusion: Puglia Gargano promontory (province of Foggia) and in other central-southern regions. Rustic and particularly suitable for wild breeding in very difficult environments.
The herd book was activated in 1973. The main attitude is milk production.

Breed with herd book in Italy.

Morphological and productive characteristics

Cut it: average.
Head: small, with horns in both sexes, long triangular face, thick tuft on the forehead, chin with well-developed beard; long ears, carried sideways and horizontally.
Trunk: protruding withers, straight back-lumbar region, medium-developing breasts with small nipples, presence of supernumerary nipples.
Pile: shiny black, sometimes with reddish undertones .; black elastic leather.
Height average at the withers:
-Male a. cm. 85
- Females a. cm. 75
Weight average:
-Male a. Kg. 55
- Females a. 35
Productions medium milk:
- primipare lt. 180
- multiple lt. 250

Birth weight: 3.0 kg, at 60 days 11.5 kg.

Provincial Breeders Association
Via Romolo Caggese, 1 - 71100 Foggia
Tel. 0881 708609 - Fax 0881 708809

Garganica goat (website photo)

Garganica goat with kid (photo website)

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