Goat breeds: Dreznica goat

Goat breeds: Dreznica goat

Origin and diffusion

Origin: Spain (Galicia).

The name of the breed originates in the Autonomous Community of Galicia, where it was selected and where it is bred. The shape of the horns in the two sexes suggests that it divides crosses of C. prisca and C. aegagrus and the Pyrenean goat In general, the Galician goat breed subjects are present in mountain areas, mainly in Lugo and Ourense.
In 2012 the total number of specimens was six hundred twenty-two (514 females and 108 males) distributed in sixty-four farms.

Morphological and productive characteristics

The Galician goat breed includes animals with a straight or sub-concave, eumetric profile and with great sexual dimorphism. Coat: uniform color, mahogany or reddish with different shades from blond to retinto. The presence of white spots on the coat is considered a disqualifying defect.

Average height:
- Male: 70-80 cm
- Female: 55-70 cm

Medium weight:
- Male: 70 kg
- Female: 55 kg

The main and almost unique Galician race attitude is the production of meat; in general the dairy goats sell sold at the weight of 10-12 kg.

Galega male (De el Buho nº30 - originally posted to Flickr as Acércate, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Goat Galega (photo

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