Goat breeds: Lappish Goat Lappget

Goat breeds: Lappish Goat Lappget

Origin and diffusion

Origin: Sweden.

The Lappish goat, also known as Lappget, is a breed from northern Sweden. It is one of the three Swedish peasant breeds, the other two being the Jämtland and the Göinge of southern Sweden. In the past, during the summer, they accompanied the indigenous people of the Sami and the reindeer to pasture, while in winter they were kept in special stables made of sod. In addition to being appreciated for meat, leather was also used to make bags, hats and furs, while horns were used to store gunpowder. The breed was thought to be extinct, but in 2001 it was rediscovered in Fatmomakke. Today it is classified as a critically endangered breed. In 2013 there were only 198 heads registered.

Morphological and productive characteristics

Cut it: medium-small.

Most are white (61%), gray (23%), black (11%) and piebald or partially black and gray (5%). Both sexes have horns.

Average height:
- Male: 60-70 cm
- Female: 50-60 cm

Medium weight:
- Male: 40-80 kg
- Female: 30-50 kg

Aptitude: milk. Breed suitable for mountain areas.

Lappish Goat (Av Jon Julius Sandal - Eget Arbete, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Lappish kid (photo

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