Goat breeds: Girgentana

Goat breeds: Girgentana

Origin and diffusion

The ancient origins of this breed are to be found in the Falconeri or Markor goat, coming from Western Asia. It spread in the past in Sicily, especially in the province of Agrigento (from which it takes its name Girgenti). It is currently bred mainly in Sicily (from Agrigento) and Calabria, in a semi-stable or enclosed state. The herd book was activated in 1973. Milk production is very good.

Breed with herd book in Italy.

Morphological and productive characteristics

Cut it: average.
Height average at the withers:
- Males a. cm. 85
- Females a. cm. 80
Weight average:
-Male a. Kg. 65
- Females a. 46
Productions medium milk:
- primipare lt. 294
- multiple lt. 466
Birth weight: 3.5 kg; at 60 days 10.5 kg.

Typical characters of the breed
Medium size.
Head: small, fine and light with a frontal-nasal profile for the pronounced development of the frontal bones, never squat and coarse.
Presence of beard in both male and female. Medium-small ears with erect bearing, never abandoned and hanging. Tuft of thick hair, often matted, in the frontal area, mainly in males.
Horns in both sexes, elegantly twisted, erect and turreted, almost vertical, never excessively divergent, almost united at the base; very developed in males.
Live and expressive eye. Tits usually found in both males and females.
Neck: slender, of medium length.
Trunk: large thorax and abdomen; back-lumbar region with straight profile; developed rump.
Mammary system: very large with typical doggie breasts, although the piriform type with very developed nipples is not lacking. They are tolerated, but accessory nipples are defective.
Limbs: of medium length rather thin. Solid brown to yellowish and rarely allarded nails.
Coat: white with fawn colored forehead and jaws tending to roan and rarely to gray, often characterized by numerous flecking (piperini subjects).
The same coloring is also present on the ears often affecting also the withers, it is rarely noticed also in other parts of the body. Medium-long rough hair, tending to long. Uniformly pinkish-white skin, sometimes with possible pigmentation.

Girgentana goat

Girgentana goats (photo by Salvatore Pipia / ISZS)

Girgentana goat (photo Quartl)

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