Goat breeds: Molise gray or Campobasso goat

Goat breeds: Molise gray or Campobasso goat

Origin and diffusion

The Grigia Molisana (or Capra di Campobasso), bred throughout Molise (in particular Montefalcone and neighboring municipalities), has unknown origins. Semi-wild breeding with pasture in wooded areas and uncultivated land.
The Registry has been activated in 2002.

Provincial Breeders Association
Via Puglia, 147 - 86100 Campobasso
Tel. 0874 483120 Fax 0874 66631

Morphological and productive characteristics

Cut it: average.
Head: light and not very long. Generally equipped with horns and a beard.
Trunk: fine and medium long neck. Half of the subjects have tits. Good muscle but not heavy. Breast well attached to the abdomen. Thin but solid limbs with strong nails
Pile: elegant with long hair. The most common colors are white and black in all combinations. Thin and generally pigmented skin
Height average at the withers: Females a. cm. 70-76
medium: Females a. 50-55 kg
Productions medium milk:
- primipare lt. 164
- multiple lt. 300
Aptitude for the production of milk and kids.

Molise Gray Goat (photo

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