Goat breeds: Goat Jurdana

Goat breeds: Goat Jurdana

Origin and diffusion

Origin: Spain.

The Jurdana goat owes its name to the Las Hurdes region, a region in the province of Cáceres, an area of ​​origin and a breeding area for the breed. It seems to derive from crosses of C. prisca and C. aegagrus. Today there are less than 100 subjects of this breed that is in serious danger of extinction.

Morphological and productive characteristics

Size: medium-small.
They have a straight profile. The presence of Tettole is frequent, almost generalized. Deep trunk. Flattened ribs. Conical breast without differentiation between the breast and the nipples.
Matello: the color is very varied, with a predominance of blondes and different shades of red, from blond to retinto.

Medium weight:
- Male: 60 kg
- Female: 38 kg

It is mainly bred for meat. There are two commercial types: the cabrito lechal and the goat mayor. The first is an animal of 40-50 days, slaughtered with a live weight of between 7.5 and 9 kg. The second consists of adult animals and is generally consumed in the family, without being sold in butchers' shops.

Jurdana male (photo

Jurdana breed female (photo

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