Goat breeds: Ibicenca goat

Goat breeds: Ibicenca goat

Origin and diffusion

Origin: Spain (Balearic islands).

It owes its name to the island of Ibiza, where it is mainly exploited. Traditionally, until the end of the first half of the 20th century, this breed was known as Goat of Formentera, since it was bred, initially and mainly on the island of Formentera, where it was kept in purity. It is also known as Cabra de las Pitiusas, which is the way the islands of Ibiza and Formentera were known in names of ancient and historical places. This unique ethnic group has a complex origin, as several strains of races have contributed to its formation. The breed is included in the group of native breeds in danger of extinction.
Its geographical distribution is limited to the islands of Ibiza (west area) and Formentera.

Morphological and productive characteristics

They are animals with a straight profile, of medium size and elongated proportions. The presence of horns in both sexes is limited to a small number of animals. In general, mocho animals predominate. When the horns make their presence, they are generally of the aegagrus type, arched backwards. Males have a developed beard. In the meantime, females can present beards. The presence of tettole is frequent. Long and deep trunk. Arched ribs. Long and strong art. The coat is very varied, with colors ranging from white to black through red, the piebald animals are frequent, with large white spots on the uniform coat of different colors.

Medium weight:
- Male: 70-80 kg
- Female: 50-60 kg

Double-acting breed: meat and milk. Lambs are slaughtered at the age of 2.5 or 3 months, with a live weight close to 18 kg, with a carcass yield of about 52%. The main objective of the exploitation of the Ibiza goat is the production of milk, intended for family consumption, directly or transformed into cheese. Their production is highly variable due, on the one hand, to the great heterogeneity of the animals of the breed from a genetic point of view, and, on the other hand, to the different methods of breeding and feeding.

Ibicenan goat (photo

Ibicenca goat (photo

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