Goat breeds: Local

Goat breeds: Local

Origin and diffusion

It is the most common goat in Italy. Very often these are genetic types varying from area to area and whose phenotype (especially as regards the color of the hair and the type of horns) differs from one area to another due to the effect of repeated crossbreeding with the breed of greatest influence in the area.

Consistency: about 200,000 items

Morphological and productive characteristics

It is difficult to express oneself on the productive and reproductive characteristics as they are variable and generally approach those of the breed with which it was most crossed. Where the productions are good (due to the presence of Mtese, Saanen, or Derived from Syria blood), it would not be necessary to discard lipothesis (to be carefully evaluated anyway) to start breeding starting from local goats to be crossed later with pure beaks of the genetically closest breed .

Source: Races and populations of Roberto Rubino

Local goat

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