Goat breeds: Messinese or Capra dei Nebrodi

Goat breeds: Messinese or Capra dei Nebrodi

Origin and diffusion

Breed from the Peloritani and Nebrodi mountains, in the province of Messina. It is bred in difficult areas of the provinces of Messina, Enna, Catania and Palermo. The Registry has been activated in 2002. The main productive attitude is the production of milk.

Morphological and productive characteristics

Cut it: medium-small.
Head: small and light head, with straight frontal-nasal profile. sometimes there are thick hairs in the frontal area in both sexes; provided with horns, very developed in males, open and tending to twist. Ears horizontal or side-dependent. generally present beards and tettole.
Trunk: medium wide thorax and abdomen, pecorino type breast system. Medium length limbs with solid claws, light slate.
very variable (uniform, piebald or mottled, black, white, brown or red with various shades). Long hair; fine and elastic skin.
Height average at the withers:
-Male a. cm. 72
- Females a. 67
Weight average:
-Male a. Kg. 55
- Females a. 38

Provincial Breeders Consortium
Via Centonze, 195 Block 111 - 92100 Messina
Tel. 090 67447 - Fax 090 67447

Goats of Messina breed (photo Institute of Zootechnics General Faculty of Agriculture University of Palermo)

Capro Messinese (photo Institute of General Zootechnics Faculty of Agriculture University of Palermo)

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