Goat breeds: Nubian

Goat breeds: Nubian

Origin and diffusion

Breed native to Upper Egypt (Nubia) has undergone a strong selection in England so much so that it is called Anglo-Nubian. Bred in many countries of the African east coast, from Somalia to Egypt. Milk production is very good. Imported in the United States, it has been subjected to a selection of very productive lines with high fat milk.

Morphological and productive characteristics

Cut it: medium small (from 60-80 cm).
Head: ram with large hanging ears, devoid of horns.
Pile: short, fine, shiny coat; the color is varied, especially roan or white, with sometimes white patches, or fromentine, red or black.
Well developed breast, clearly divided into two lobes. Generally it gives birth twice a year and the trigeminal parts are not rare.
Medium weight:
- Males a. kg. 40
- Females a. 30-35

Nubian breed subjects

Anglo-Nubiana (photo

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