Goat breeds: Toggenburg

Goat breeds: Toggenburg

Origin and diffusion

Swiss goat breed from the canton of St. Gallen, more precisely from the district of Obertoggenburg (the name derives from the valley of the same name). It is one of the seven goat breeds officially recognized in Switzerland (Appenzell, Camosciata from the Alps, Saanen, Grisons crawl, Toggenburg, Vallesana, Verzaschese).
Rustic breed similar to the Saanen. Versatile breed, with great adaptability. It has a good milk productivity and has a marked prolificity with frequently large parts.

Morphological and productive characteristics

Cut it: average.
Head: generally acorne.
Trunk: build is stocky, with broad and deep chest, with short and robust limbs; well developed and shaped.
light brown to reddish brown color, with white streaks on the head, legs, tail; the hair varies from short, to medium-long, to long.

Height average at the withers:
-Male a. cm. 75 - 85
- Females a. 70 - 80
Weight minimum:
- Males a. Kg. 65
- Females a. 45
produzionis medium milk: multipurpose lt. 700
(fat content 3.30% protein 2.80%)

Toggenburg goats (photo

Toggenburg goat

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