Goat breeds: Verzaschese

Goat breeds: Verzaschese

Origin and diffusion

Verzaschese (or Nera di Verzasca) is a Swiss goat breed originating in the Canton of Ticino with the main breeding center in the Verzasca Valley which extends from the northern end of Lake Maggiore to the north, where it has been bred in semibrada form for some time unspecified. It is one of the seven goat breeds officially recognized in Switzerland (Appenzel, Camosciata from the Alps, Saanen, Grisons crawl, Toggenburg, Vallesana, Verzaschese).
Breed rustic and resistant to both high and low temperatures. In Italy it is bred in the provinces of Varese, Como and Sondrio.
The Registry for this breed was activated in Italy in 1997.

Morphological and productive characteristics

Cut it: medium-large.
Head: light, broad non-sheepskin forehead, large muzzle; ears developed and erect, never hanging; sturdy neck, well joined to the shoulder and withers.
Horns: long (30-40 cm), slightly arched backwards, with a slight twist towards the outside, present in both sexes.
wide shoulder well tied to the chest, withers of medium length, deep and wide chest, with well arched ribs; muscular thighs.
well developed, broad at the base.
black, shiny, with short and fine hair, thicker in the winter season; the beaks have beards and longer hairs on the withers; soft, fine and elastic skin.
Height average at the withers:
-Male a. cm. 80 - 90
- Females a. 75 - 80
Weight average:
- Males a. Kg. 90
- Females a. 60
medium milk:
- primipare lt. 215
- multiple lt. 424

Breed Verzaschese (or Nera di Verzasca) (photo

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