Guinea pig breeds: Abyssinian

Guinea pig breeds: Abyssinian


Although the name refers to an African region, this breed does not seem to originate from Abyssinia.
Some point out the similarity of the fur rosettes with a well-known extravagant desert mineral (desert rose). The Abyssinian breed, also called curly or rosette, is also widely spread in Italy, where it is appreciated for its rusticity and for its undoubted ornamental appearance.

General aspect

Medium-small size.
Particular advantages that increase the value of the subjects lie in the number of in the number of rosettes and in their asymmetrical arrangement.
It is easy to find Abyssinian guinea pigs in multiple colors, which vary from one color to two colors, up to the tricolor.
Generally pigmented eyes.

Guinea Pig Abyssinian Roan (photo

Abyssinian Black - Guinea Pig Abyssinian Brindle

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