Guinea pig breeds: Agouti

Guinea pig breeds: Agouti


It is the original color of the wild guinea pig (golden agouti, i.e. brown hair with black end). On the basis of this coloring of the hair several mutations have taken place responsible for the same coloring.

General aspect

Here are the main varieties:
- Gold: coloring of the original wild guinea pig of Peru.
- Silver: Agouti coloring on a gray base.
- Cinnamon: agouti coloring on cinnamon base.
- Chocolate: agouti coloring on a chocolate base.
- Cream: agouti coloring on cream base.

There are other Agouti colors such as orange, salmon, gray and some plain-colored variables also in the belly.

Cavia Agouti Gold - Cavia Agouti Silver (photo Karin Stüber

Cavia Agouti Cinnamon - Cavia Agouti Cream

Guinea Pig Agouti Chocolate (photo Bivoir)

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