Guinea pig breeds: Dutch

Guinea pig breeds: Dutch


Guinea pig of small size. The Dutch guinea pig has a particular size with a fixed seat.

General aspect

The posterior train is colored up to the posterior margin of the side, it follows a wide band that surrounds the thorax and the front limbs of white color; the head is pigmented except for a long list that extends from the front to the area of ​​the nostrils and to that of the muzzle and throat, joining in the dewlap to the white band that surrounds the chest.
Many colors are allowed, ranging from gouti to plain.
Generally the eyes are dark.

Guinea Pig Dutch Agouti silver (photo Bivoir)

Dutch Chocolate Guinea Pig (photo Bivoir)

Dutch Red Guinea Pig (photo

Video: Saskia Visits Stichting Cavia Guinea Pig Village in the Netherlands (September 2021).