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This section of the website is dedicated to the agricultural industries (dairy, oil, oenological) and to typical Italian agri-food products. Prof.ssa collaborated in its realization Tiziana Brocchi of the Agricultural Technical Institute of Florence.

Atlas of typical Italian products

We have collected the main typical products of Italian agriculture, divided into typical cheeses, typical salami, DOCG wines and other products (olive oils, fruit and vegetables, cereals, breads, meats, etc.) in an easy-to-read atlas (cards with images). and notes relating to the three agricultural industries (wine, dairy and oil). Click on the menu and select the desired industry or typical product.

Information to mariners

The techniques of production of alcoholic beverages, through the fermentation and distillation of plant and animal products, have been known since ancient times. In particular, the transformation of grapes into wine was already practiced 3-4,000 years ago in Asia and from here it spread to Egypt and other countries overlooking the Mediterranean. The dairy industry prepares milk for direct consumption or transforms it into butter or cheese. By-products (whey and buttermilk) are often used for animal feed. The oil industry deals with the extraction of vegetable fats from fruits (olive oil) or from seeds (seed oil). Among the fats and edible oils, olive oil, thanks to its composition, is the most easily digestible; moreover, being easily emulsifiable with gastric juices it is also highly assimilable. It is the richest oil in antioxidants and therefore reduces cell aging and is cholesterol-free and therefore has antithrombotic and cholesterol lowering effects.

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