Pigeon breeds: Coburg lark

Pigeon breeds: Coburg lark

Origin and economic characteristics

Once widespread in the Ducati of Saxony-Coburg and Saxony-Meiningen with the name of "Campagnolo Colombo floury". Among the first descriptions we find that of Neumeister in 1869, who hypothesized it was derived from the cross between a Bullfinch (once also called Mantovano or Timpano of Vienna) and a Roman colombo. Another more accepted hypothesis is that which comes from a cross between the Bagadese of Nuremberg and the Bullfinch. Over time, the breed was perfected to get to its current form, but before its standardization there were also subjects with a tuft.

Morphological characteristics

Large-sized Colombo with fairly long horizontal bearing and broad shoulders. It weighs about 700 ranges, has no forelock and bare legs.
Cloaks: larked (slate gray with hammering, the chest has an ocher area), silver with and without rods.

Coburg lark silver without rods (photo Fabio Zambon)

Coburg Lark Larked (photo

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