Pigeon breeds: Beirut

Pigeon breeds: Beirut

Origin and economic characteristics

East, Syria, Lebanon, Eastern Turkey, sometimes also called "messenger of Beirut".

Morphological characteristics

Colombo of robust constitution, the body has an almost horizontal course, the neck and the limbs are slightly longer than the average, the head is of an unusual shape with a white mask that starts from the junction of the beak and widens going up on the long forehead 1- 2 cm, the neck has a well-developed dewlap and a white spot of circular or elliptical shape on both sides, called the earring, which starts from the ear and extends ventrally on the neck. The eyes vary from orange to fiery red with red ocular caruncles. The beak is of medium length. The wings have from 7 to 10 primary remiges of white color. The tarsiers are instances.
Cloaks: blue laid or hammered in black, red with rods or hammered, black. The latter may not present the earrings.

Black Beirut (photo

Beirut blue hammered with black - Beirut red hammered (photo

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